Urdnot Nex



Nex is a female of the Urdnot Krogan clan. Unlike most other females in her species, Nex broke the mold and instead of trying to procreate, she instead joined the Blood Pack Mercenary group. While with the Blood Pack she did odd jobs for decent pay. Like most mercenaries she had to put aside any morals she might have had in order to continue with the mercenaries. Her relationship with other Krogans is complicated because, other Krogans are frustrated by her lack of attempt to procreate, while she is more concerned with her own well being.

Strengths: A vicious and tough fighter, Nex specializes in close quarters combat. As all Krogans are she is extremely perceptive and can regenerate more rapidly than other species. She can survive in most hostile environments and is extraordinarily resistant to damage. She can also enter a rage that makes her temporarily tougher and stronger.

Weakness: Because of there larger size Krogans are slower then most other species. While extremely effective in close combat, she has limited forms of attack for long range battles. She can fly into a blind rage that makes her unpredictable.

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Urdnot Nex

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