Morrigan Farraday

Cerebus agent


Morrigan Faraday an Irish born native who found herself working for Cerebus after a chain of unfortunate events. As a child her older brother Travis left earth with an Asari and has never made contact with them since. This was a small scar which eventually healed but when she was a young teenager, her father was killed in a Citadel bar by two Turians who’s prejudice for humans was stil running hot in their blood. and just a few Years later her mother’s worldly possessions were stolen by Salarians who filed a false lawsuit against her which won, and eventually bled her dry of her meager means. These life events drove her to enter into Cerebus so that she could better serve the human people. While most people would become bitter towards the other aliens, it has instead opened her eyes to the reality of the universe, and that it is either going to be them or us.

Strengths: Morrigan’s expertise lies in engineering, however she has both technology and biotic related abilities. She can pull opponents toward her or detonate fuel tanks, ammunition belts, or large energy sources from afar. She also has a lucky rabbits foot that (not surprisingly) brings her luck. She also has created unique gravity grenades which devastate large groups of enemies.

Weaknesses: Morrigan is not exceptionally resistant to damage, and she is not very well trained for combat.


Morrigan Farraday

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