Hey so this game is going to be using pre-generated characters and will be in the setting of that in Mass Effect. As you get experience and want your character to change and grow, just tell me what it is you want to do and I will make/ design the power or skill for your character as you grow in experience.

to get more familiar with the Mass Effect world please visit: All you need to know about the Mass Effect World

We will be using the Hero 6th edition system which might be challenging to grasp at first because it is so different from D&D, but I will give everyone cheat sheets. The system is exceptionally versatile which is why I am using it for this game, unfortunately sometimes it can be math heavy so unless you are a lightening calculator I suggest using a simple addition and subtraction calculator. This system might seem overwhelming at first but after a session you should have a good grasp on all the basic rules.

When we do character selection, after we play a session or two if you don’t like your character I will make you a new one. Not all characters will be starting on the same power level but I will try to balance the scales in a gaming session or two

Here are some of the basic Rules for the Hero system and this Mass Effect game

Mass Effect

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