Attack and skill rolls

For making all attack and skill rolls you will only ever use 3d6.

Attack rolls: when you make an attack in almost all character cases you will be using your OCV rank + any bonuses you might get from certain powers or skills (ask GM if you have anything that might raise your OCV with a particular attack). When you make an attack just follow this formula to determine the DCV you are able to hit

(Attacker’s Total adjusted OCV + 11) – 3d6 roll= the DCV you can hit

any target with a DCV equal to the total or less you succeed in hitting.

Skill Rolls: On your character sheet you should have a value listed to the right of trained skill, this is the target number you must roll equal to or less then on 3d6 in order to succeed on the skill. The GM might add modifiers to your roll depending on the particular situation or difficulty of the skill check.

Attack and skill rolls

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