Seryna Dantius

CEO/ Biotic


Seryna Now 380 years old is still young spirited and restless. She grew up in a life of wealth, currently she Is a Co-CEO of Neema Biotics a, biotic appliance store, which manufactures biotic amplifiers and dampeners for personal and commercial use. Of her many sisters she is closest to her twin who servers as a high ranking Phantom operative, while their lines of work have taken them in very different direction they still remain close. She is one of the two CEO’s of Neema Biotics, unfortunately Seryna and the other CEO are constantly at each others throat trying constantly to get rid of the other. Seryna is diplomatic, professional, exceptionally stubborn.

Strengths: Seryna Dantius, like most Asari is very alluring and can be very persuasive. She has some biotic talents that allow her to throw or hold her opponents in a stasis field. She also wields a gun that sends an electrical pulse through the targets nervous system disorienting them and dealing damage.

Weaknesses: Seryna is not strong in physical combat. Because of her high social power and wealth she fell into a Red Dust addiction, and she must always think of how her actions are representing herself and Neema Biotics.


Seryna Dantius

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