Lorik Kryik

Ex-Military Sniper


Lorik Kryik, was once a devoted and disciplined sniper-scout in the most powerful military force in the galaxy (turian armed forces). Things soured and went bad for him when a top secret mission was executed with little concern to the lives of Lorik and his squad. Of the eighteen Turian soldiers who left on this top secret mission only Lorik and 2 others survived the mission. The Turian generals viewed these as acceptable losses, while Lorik did not. Lorik made his anger known to his superior officers, and was consequently dishonorably discharged from the military. In the Months since his discharge he has had a difficult time keeping himself preoccupied. While he has let is military discipline go, he remains as deadly as ever.

Strengths: Lorik is an exception sniper, With some tech abilities that allow him to read heat signatures through walls and see perfectly at long distances and dark environments. He can drain enemy shielding, and is unequaled in ranged combat skill. He is good at going unnoticed, ad he has a keen eye for detail.

Weakness: He is extremely honorable and will never go against his word or take advantage of others. He has a very dark and harmful secret that could be detrimental to citadel space if it got out. He is extremely limited in hand-to-hand combat.


Lorik Kryik

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