Ken'rhala nar Raya

A pilot and tech specialist


Ken’rhala nar Raya is a brilliant Quarian engineer and technology specialist, surpassing the exceptional skill that most Quarians have. Years ago he was a notorious smuggler of both red dust (a drug made with trace amounts of element zero) and raw element zero itself. He however was eventually caught by C-sec, and after making a daring escape he had to create a new identity and stray away from his former trade. Through his computer and technological experience he was able to create a completely new identity as a Quarian physicist going by the name of Veetor.

Strengths: Ken’rhala nar Raya/Veetor, while far from physically imposing, has one or two tricks up his sleeve. He is familiar with nearly all vehicular forms of space and land travel. He is an accomplished combat pilot and navigator.He has a Sonic gun which knocks enemies back, and he has two mechanical spider sentries that he can use to scout area with which are both equipped with infrared and night vision. He has an omni tool which powers his shield, gun, and spider sentries. His omni tool also doubles as what we would consider a laptop, giving him the ability to retrieve accessible information remotely.

Weaknesses: Ken’rhala nar Raya/Veetor is relatively frail, and while his shield offers some protection he should still remain far from the line of fire. He is to this day hunted and considered a threat to citadel space. As all Quarians he is dependent on his life suit in non-sterile environments therefore he must always be wearing it.


Ken'rhala nar Raya

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