Ish Kirrahe

Salarian assassin


Ish Kirrahe like most Salarians is impatient, quick, and highly intelligent. As a child of 3 years old (Salarians mature much faster than humans) Ish was witness to the slaughter caused by an rogue and insane Krogan. And like most tragic heroes, Ish just so happened to once call the bloody pulp, of the Krogan’s rampage, sister. As a result he does not generally get along well with Krogans, and watching his sister get ripped apart by a Korgan, not surprisingly, caused deep psychological scars which have basically turned him into a cold and emotionless individual. He has taken it upon himself to systematically hunt and destroy anything that would hurt innocent people again. At the age of 11 now he is an exceptionally well self-trained assassin and has most recently been recruited by the STG (a salarian Special Task Group).

Strengths: Ish Kirrahe is a stealth specialist who excels in sneaking up on his opponents and taking them out silently with one blow. Because he is a Salarian he is naturally faster then most other species, more intelligent, has an Eidetic memory, and only needs to sleep 8 hrs. a week. He is extremely deadly with his two alloys blades. As an STG agent he has no public identity, he can carry a concealed weapon, and he has basic security clearance.

Weaknesses: While exceptionally good at dispatching his opponents, Ish is not as tough as most soldiers who like to get close and personal. He can blindly be enraged by aggressive Krogans, he is impatient, and like all Salarians he only has a life expectancy of about forty years. Outside of Killing and Stealth he is not very versatile.


Ish Kirrahe

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