Irkah Kelham

Subject 0001


It is common knowledge that the Hanar saved the Drell from their dying planet, and the Drell feel deeply grateful to the normally benevolent Hanar species. However what isn’t known is the sometime dark and twisted relationship some corrupted Hanar have with the Drell. Havoc is the only known name which is referred to the very elusive group or dark/corrupted Hanar which exploit and experiment on helpless Drell. Irkah happens to be just one of these subjects. Havoc chose her as the first of many subjects that they would test and experiment on in order to unlock the extraordinary capabilities of the Drell memory and empathy. Through their painful and meticulous experimentation on her, it was important that they keep her conscious in order to study her response and interactions with several different stimuli. To make a long story short they did hideous things to her, however she was able to make an escape and has since been on the run from Havoc.

Strengths: As a Drell Irkah has a perfect memory, can hold her breath for extended periods of time, can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, can survive more easily in dry and hot environments, and can adjust her eyes easily to bright lights. She also has the ability to reconstruct people’s memories in vivid detail so long as they can describe basic information on what they do remember. Through the corrupted Hanar experiments they were able to enhance and change her Drell like abilities so that she can both erase others memories and impose her own darker memories upon others, which can cause mental damage.

Weaknesses: Her powers while unique in the world are severely restricted by how much she actually knows. Additionally she is hunted by Havoc and wanted by them to be returned to isolation and experimented further on. She is not very capable in physical combat.

(Once again lacking a female version of this species)


Irkah Kelham

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