Haru Itou

Combat Medic


Haru Itou had the privilege to server under commander Shepard during the Reaver war. At the time he was a fresh recruit of only 18. He had a distinguished service under Shepard and almost met his end when he was captured by the Collectors. He was eventually rescued by Shepard and his crew. Haru served on the Normandy from the point on as a combat medic offering his aid and biotic talents whenever they were called upon. Haru, now in his late twenties is by far the most experienced in the group when it comes to combat situations. He naturally inspires people because of his role under Shepard, he prefers to stay away from the limelight and wants only to continue his service under Shepard.

Strengths: Haru is capable of moderate Biotic talents. He can erect Mass effect barriers, shields, and administer medi-gel, making him everyone’s best friend in combat. He has some combat training making him a fairly accurate and deadly opponent with his assault rifle.

Weaknesses: He walks with a limp from a previous combat injury. In intense combat situations, nearby explosions can paralyze him as from shell shock. Besides those he has no significant weaknesses


Haru Itou

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