Mass Effect

The Beginning
A Short Intro

For your own various reasons you find yourselves aboard an unnamed spacecraft equipped with technology far beyond what most of you have familiarized yourselves with. Little has been revealed to you as of yet and the mysterious captain who goes by the name Archangel has, to this point, been elusive. The ship you are aboard sits silently in Omega’s orbit within the Omega Nebula.

While aboard the ship you have managed to learn little of the crew, their captain, and the ships purpose in the Omega Nebula. While some of you are already familiar with a few of the others recruited by Archangel, it isn’t until you are all summoned to the “War Room” that you find yourselves sitting across from the faces you will soon be working together quite closely with. There are Eight in total two humans, a Krogan, an Asari, a Drell, a Turian, a Salarian, and a Quarian. Just as introductions are being made you are greeted by the holographic image of the captain known as Archangel. He is nothing more then a shadow shrouded silhouette, when he speaks his voice gives little indication to his identity “I apologize for the secrecy and I regret I can not be more straightforward but for now our objectives and motivations are very… sensitive. Now you must be wondering why you have been recruited under such discreet circumstances and more importantly why your skills would be needed on Omega…”


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